Withers Paw Print

September 19 - September 23

Mark Your Calendars

Sept. 19 - 23: Education Go Get It Week
Sept. 19 - 22: Common Assessments
Sept. 20: Faculty PLC in the Library at 3:15
Sept. 20: Community Forum with Edwin Flores at 5:30 in the WT White Library
Sept. 21: PIEMS Verification
Sept. 22: PROWL Assembly 8:30 and 9:15
Sept. 23: Go Van Gogh - 4th Grade 10:30 - 11:30
Sept. 24: PROWL and Carnival
Sept. 27: PLC's in the library at 3:15
Sept. 27: SBDM at 4:30 in the library
Sept. 27: PTA Meeting at 7:00 pm - Camp Gladiator
Sept. 30: First Six Weeks Ends
Sept. 30: Pictures for the Web Page beginning at 7:30 in the library

Withers PROWL

Thank you Ms. Mulley, Ms. Innes, Ms. Santiago and Mr. Gonzalez for representing the teachers at the assembly!

The Withers PROWL and carnival are this Saturday! Please show your support by signing up to run or assist in one of the booths. Ms. Mulley sent an email asking for volunteers for the dunking booth. I am excited!!!!

Community Forum with District 1 Trustee Edwin Flores

Trustee Edwin Flores is hosting a community forum in District 1 schools next week on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 5:30 p.m. in the W.T. White HS library. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend and ask questions and share their opinions on schools in District 1.

4505 Ridgeside Drive

5:30--6:30 p.m.

Learning A to Z

Please check your accounts for Learning A to Z and see if you are able to get into the system. I am calling the company on Monday to determine why the accounts were locked. I apologize for the inconvenience!

District Common Assessments

All students are required to take the district common assessments. We will log all the testing information into the All in Learning system. This includes the students in Kindergarten - Second grade. I will assist you with this process. Third - Fifth grade teachers will receive scan trons Monday morning for your students.

All students must receive their accommodations (small group, oral, etc.) If you are unable to give the students their required accommodations in class, please see Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Hurley or myself for assistance!

SLO and PDP Plan

We will have training over the SLO and PDP process on Tuesday during our staff PLC.

PTA Needs YOU!!

It is important that 100% of our staff join PTA! They pay for all field trips, assist with classroom needs, provide dinners for the staff and many other things. If we have 100% of our faculty join by Friday, September 23rd we will have free dress the entire last week of September. Don;t delay.....join PTA today!!!

Education Go Get it Week

Monday: Believing is Achieving

Teachers will wear their cap and gown (one or the other is fine) to school! Discuss your road to college or some of your favorite experiences with your students.

Tuesday: Magic number

Students will create a classroom or hallway display showing off the year that they will graduate from high school.

Wednesday: Hats off to Higher Education

Wear a hat or cap with a college logo

Thursday: Dress for Success

Students will dress up as their future career and teachers can dress up as a second career.

Friday: Off to College We Go

Staff and students will wear their favorite college t-shirt!