Johann wolfgang von Geothe

vedanta 6f


birth:28 aug 1749 Frankfurt

death:22 march 1832


poet , novelist , play writer ,natural philosopher , diplomat , civil srvant.

noteable work


the sorrows of young werther

Wilhelm meister apprenticeship


some quotes

"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds our planet is the mental institute of the universe"

"Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. we must do."

Romantism in science

Romanticism advanced a number of themes: it promoted anti-reductionism (the whole was more valuable than the parts alone) and epistemological optimism (man was connected to nature), and encouraged creativity, experience, and genius . It also emphasized the scientist's role in scientific discovery, holding that acquiring knowledge of nature meant understanding man as well; therefore, these scientists placed a high importance on respect for nature.