Jeffrey Powers Vero Beach FL

Professional Consultant

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Jeffrey Powers, Resident of Vero Beach, Florida, Speaks Out On “Synergies of Systems Selling”

Any manufacturer that acquires another business, will find out immediately, that there is an opportunity for one company and a synergized “single” brand to grow market share in the professional arena vs. an industry leader by making the sale simple for both the distributor and the end user. But speaks pointedly on essential requirements for success in his opinion.

Currently when any large manufacturer takes business from any other manufacturer in widgets for example, it is done simply converting say red dollars to another color of dollars without any real long term upside for the distributor or user. When products that are used in combination are sold for a large distributor profit, under the same brand and color, it grows mind share for not only the user but the distributor.

For the distributor it’s about profit and repeat sales. For the user it’s about compatibility and having a system from one supplier, so if there is a problem “I can go back to one person, one company.” Its worth a lot given the small percentage of cost versus labor and hard cost of commodity building materials. If done right one can charge more and both the distributor and end user are happy.

Creating repeatable ongoing profitable demand at the professional level is what Jeffrey Powers Vero Beach FL has demanded from his coworkers around the globe for years and a can do with a “right now, no permission needed, we can do that attitude”.

Powers of Vero Beach says “with suppliers of vertically integrated product lines it can be a win-win if done right. For example one brand, one color, one system, one invoice, no excuses and extreme flexibility- with the customer being put first, without any excuses not to buy… and most important of all ---that the distributors profit comes first- success for the supplier in sales easy and profit always follows.”Jeffrey Powers can be reached at