Mrs. Smith's Tasty Tech Bytes

A menu of tech-y offerings...

Are You Hungry?

I'm here to tempt you with tasty, techy offerings for your palate. Which course would you like?

Appetizers (15 minutes)

Edlio (Website)

In this short session, I'll show you how to maximize your class website! You'll learn how to create photo albums, embed files and code, insert tables, or upload a video. The choice is yours!


Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform for millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, and families in 180+ countries. Create a Grid community for your classroom, school, PLC, #GridPals, families, and more!


Would you like a more engaging way to connect with parents? Do you like the format of my newsletters? They are easy and FUN to create! Smore offers tons of excellent background images and an infinite number of design options. Plus, you can post the link right into ClassStory or embed it in your class website!

Main Course (30 minutes)


Plickers is the free card activity you and your students will love! Easily assess the class from your device.


Are you iReady to learn?? Together we'll take a look at the newly designed iReady website. I'll show you how and where to get your student performance reports, take a look at Standards Mastery tests & how to assign them, and how to find the new Diagnostic Growth reports.


I love Nearpod this time of year! We'll go beyond the basics of finding and launching a lesson. I'll show you how to create your own lesson or edit a ready-made one. There are great interactive add ins you may not know about such as, memory, 3D tours, collaboration boards, PhET activities, and more! Let me show you what YOU can do!


Now that BrainPOP has integrated with Clever, it's easier than ever to create assignments for your students! This makes an excellent computer center or fun homework assignment. We'll also look at finding activities that correlate to TN State Standards. There's SO much more to BrainPOP than videos!

Bold School (15-30 Minutes)

The following instructional strategies are part of John Hattie's Visible Learning. Each strategy has a 0.4 effect size (one year's growth) or higher. If consistently used with your students, the limit to their learning knows no boundaries!

I would love to help you design lesson plans, come up with ideas, or be a sounding board on these strategies!

Below is a list of instructional Bold School strategies with their effect size.

Big picture
  • Vocabulary Strategies - 0.62
  • Concept Mapping - 0.64
  • Peer Tutoring - 0.53
  • Self-Assessment - 1.33
  • Questioning/Socratic Seminar - 0.48
  • Interactive Video - 0.54

Desserts (45-60 minutes)

The Good Stuff...

ClassDojo Portfolios

Did you know ClassDojo offers portfolios now?! You can make assignments for your students! Students are able to upload photos, videos showing what they know, draw, and journal! This is a great way to track successes in RTI!

GoNoodle Plus

With GoNoodle Plus you have access to learning games, customized questions, exclusive videos, and learning extensions. Rutherford County elementary teachers have a free subscription, so why not use it? You won't be sorry!

Bloxels edu

Your students can create their own video games! There are so many options to tie in curriculum from Math, ELA, Science, & Social Studies that Bloxels will fit perfectly into your lesson. Plus, students become more engaged with hands-on creations!

Want More for Your Appetite?

I will be adding more delicious treats soon!