The American Heart Association

How we spend the money we raise ?

21.8 percent of money goes to research, 36.4 percent of money goes to public health education, 14.2 percent of money goes to professional education/ training, 6.1 percent of money goes to community services, 8.6 percent of money goes to management and 12.3 percent goes to fundraising. Total expenses=$666,332

How do They help /who do they help?

The American Heart Association helps by Training/ educating doctors about the health of your heart."We are the nations top trainers/ educators in CPR. We help people understand the importance of the health of your heart".

They help people who have suffered strokes or heart attacks. We provide science based treatments guidelines to healthcare professionals to help ensure the best treatment for every patient.

The American Heart Association is rated a 88.78 on charity navigator

Survivor Story

My dad, 64 years young, was saved 2 months ago by a good samaritin during a massive heart attack using hand only CPR. My dad did'nt come around til later, but those 6 to 8 minutes beore medics arrived saved him and his brain. It's a miracle !