how do ocean water animals travel

Paige mcChesney

why are types of fish or sea animals invasive

Also when the big boats come and fill there hul with water they catch fish and other little animals.

sometimes animals have to move because they have other fish or animals come and invade there home.

why do fish leave there home

fish / animals leave because of other animals like sharks

Come and invade there home.

normally fish/sea animals leave because there is no more food where they use to be.

Why do animals have to travel

Sometimes fish leave because they run out of food where they are and they need to go somewhere different because they have no more food

And there is well could be no more elegy

Invasive spices are one of my the biggest threats to biodiversity

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We are part the problem

Sometimes people go fishing and they put

animal traps down and they catch animals but animals get caught in traps that are not

meant for that animal/ fish


Other animals move because of different things no more food or maybe because of an earth quake