By: Joey Fields


Cotton is a small, soft, important fiber crop that is in a boll or its protective capsule. Cotton grows on a shrub.

Growing Season

Cotton is planted in the spring in long rows called furrows.

in the summer the cotton boll appears and you begin to prepare for harvest

when Autumn rolls around it is time to harvest. The cotton is then shipped to be ginned

How is Cotton Grown/ planted

  • Cotton has to be grown in hot/ humid areas with lots of sunshine. That's why Cotton is grown in the South.
  • Cotton is planted in rows called furrows

Harvesting Cotton

  • Cotton is harvest in the Autumn and is harvested by using a cotton picker. a Machine that ricks the bolls without destroying the plant.
  • A Cotton Stripper is another machine that is used in more windy regions and it strips the entire boll from the plant.
  • In some countries people can't use machine so they pick cotton by hand (some regions in India)

Cotton Gin and Technology

  • Before the invention of the Cotton Gin slaves had to pick the cotton by hand, it was the first way of picking cotton.
  • In 1793 the Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney
  • It was the new technology to have in the Cotton fields.
  • the cotton gin works by rapidly separating the fibers from the seeds which made good for production.
  • The cotton gin is still used today because it is really the only way to separate the fibers and the seed but have been changes to the original design.

Pest Problems

  • Cotton Aphids - they damage cotton by eating the sap of the plant
  • To prevent this is to use chemicals to kill or to prevent
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Production of Cotton

Cotton is mostly used for:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Clothes
  • Bed sheets
  • cotton seed oil
  • cotton fibers for more cloths.

facts about cotton

There is more cotton grown globally than any other non-edible crops

Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to dye, making it very popular with fashion and home ware designers.