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Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

ACTS: Changing the Lives of Leaders

We continue a special December series on ACTS Group progress. This week, we highlight our strategy for Leaders. We are starting with this one because it has really come to prominence this year with the continuation of Q Commons, and the introduction of Convergence “Live” events, the Convergence.World website and the Convergence Conversation broadcast (Fridays at 6pm on KFIA) and podcast. And, oh yeah, we now have an operational staff person who wakes up daily with “connecting gospel based leaders in collaborative relationships” first on her agenda.

Let’s lead well and link up more and more as gospel movement grows in our region!

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group

Give a Ten Update

So far, we have seen $275 come in since we launched our “Give a Ten” campaign on December 1. Our year end goal is $25,000. We are praying for at least 1000 of our 3000 person community to participate in these ways:

1. Please click here to donate $10 or more to ACTS Group today. This link is simple and goes through our Leadership website Convergence.World.

OR, you can click here to set up monthly giving, or a one time 10x10 ($100) or 10 "cubed" ($1000) gift on our main online giving platform.

2. Please forward this newsletter to 10 people inviting them to sign up for the newsletter or link to one of our online communities through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We KNOW that if everyone who has benefited from ACTS Group simply gives $10, it will be a game changer to close the year. As you give, remember that your local church comes first, then extra giving outward to missions and causes you believe in. Because you have known about, believed in, prayed for and/or financially supported and/or prayed for the ACTS Group, we are calling upon you to give to be bold to give as we close the year.

Strategy Highlight - Leaders

Convergence.World is focused bringing leading believers together in collaborative relationships. We believe that gospel centered leaders in many spheres of influence are the catalyst for seeing cities transformed.

In Christmas’ past, we shared with you about how ACTS Group started this unification of leaders by hosting breakfasts for local leaders to share their vision, work and passion. In these breakfasts we would allow time to connect and consider ways to collaborate. We also gathered leaders around prayer, social causes and community concerns. We hosted a Q Commons. We participated in Leading in These Times. We identified gospel centered groups already meeting in their sphere – pastors, non-profit leaders, and marketplace members.

This Christmas, we get to report that our leader strategy and actions have taken a huge leap forward. By integrating live cross-sector leader experiences like Q Commons and Convergence “Live”, videoing the talks for sharing, developing a broadcast/podcast called Convergence Conversation, and developing social media sites, we have had a breakthrough year. We now have the platform on which we can bring together 10,0000 Gospel centered leaders in the region to understand, address and take action on issues that advance the gospel and the common good.

In Christmas future (2016), we look forward to sharing with you about Q Commons on March 3 and October 13, 2016, as well as some of the hundreds of ways that small groups of gospel centered leaders are changing our region in the arena of business, ministry, social issues, government and the arts. We expect our number of connected leaders to rise dramatically from our current list of almost 600. We will get to share about college interns from Jessup, Sacramento State and UC Davis engaged in the work of city transformation.

To stay apace, you can always learn more at the Convergence World website ( where you will find the podcasts, blogs and videos that cover a broad set of topics while staying focused on the gospel. You will also greatly benefit from following us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram.

Janie Lynne Lovejoy - Convergence.World Administrator

Update on Giving Goal for December

We have now had 11 people step up in the Give a Ten campaign that is running until the end of this month. Did you know? 80% of our funding goes to pay the ACTS staff that make this ministry happen day to day and week to week. Your giving directly facilitates the success of this ministry. As we close the year, we have are still in need of $19,000 to address year obligations (bills) and set ourselves up for a great 2016. I invite you to contact me if you have any questions.

Merisa Moy - Finance and Development Officer

Endorsement -

Dr. Eric Swanson: Missional Specialist with Leadership Network

Co-Author: To Transform a City (Zondervan 2010)

“I love what God is doing in the Greater Sacramento Area through churches, business leaders, nonprofits, and kingdom-minded leaders who have come together under the leadership of ACTS Group to make a transformational difference in the Capitol City area. As Christ-followers engage in good deeds and good news there are thousands of families who are experiencing God's love for the first time. ACTS Group is part of a greater gospel movement that is beginning to flourish in cities around the world. Thank you ACTS for helping to lead the way.”

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