Where is Middle Earth?



  • Landscape~Iceland has Europe's largest glacier. It is called Vatnajökull. This area also has many great waterfalls and hot springs/lava landscapes. Iceland probably has the most variety in land you have ever wanted to see.
  • Language~The official language of Iceland is Icelandic. This language is Indo-European because it is a mixture of North German languages.
  • Culture~ The culture is very rich and varied throughout the country. Many Icelandic traditions go towards weaving, silversmithing, and wood carving.


Middle Earth has to be located somewhere where there are many forests, jungles, open grasslands, and mountains. According to my opinion, Iceland represents the Middle Earth that I imagined in my head wonderfully. Out of all the aspects that have to be in Middle Earth, my main focus would be on the mountains for the "Misty Mountains" and valleys/grasslands for the towns and the "hobbit hole". Iceland also isn't as modernized as most countries in Europe are. Altogether Iceland has all the aspects needed to be Middle Earth.

Counter Claims

I believe Iceland has better snowy mountains and more beautiful grasslands than New Zealand does. Just because New Zealand was chosen for the Middle Earth, it doesn't mean that there are not better choices out there.


When New Zealand was chosen to become Middle Earth, I wasn't reall against that idea. But now after doing some more research, i think there are many other places out there that resemble Middle Earth better. I chose Iceland to become Middle Earth becuase I think Iceland has everything( that was described in the book) a Middle Earth needs. In conclusion, I believe Iceland would have a better choice for Middle Earth than New Zealand.
EXCLUSIVE - Misty Mountains song HD from The Hobbit