Miss Niedringhaus March 14, 2016


3-14-16: Counselor

3-15-16: Conferences

3-17-16: Math Topic 12 Test

3-17-16: Conferences

3-18-16: Spelling Test Week 26

3-18-16: Last Day Before Break!

** Field trip forms and money are due Friday March 18, 2016!!!**

3-21-16 thru 3-28-16: Spring Break!

3-19-16: Return to School

Tuesday Conferences

4:30- Nigel

4:45- Brody

5:00- Anabelle

5:15- Lauren

5:30- Simran

5:45- Nate

6:00- Patrick

6:15- Tre

6:30- Peyton

Thursday Conferences

4:30- Ethan

5:00- Mia

5:15- Ella

5:30- Jose

5:45- Gerry

6:00- Ivan

6:15- William

6:30- Kaylie

Cupcake Truck

Grab a cupcake after parent-teacher conferences! Sarah’s Cakestop cupcake and dessert truck will be here selling goodies on March 15 and 17 from 4:45-7:45 during parent teacher conferences. Visit for an idea of what goodies might be available! Once 150 desserts are sold, 10% of profits will be donated to PTO!

Hearts for Preemies

Independence students will be working on a service learning project with their buddies at an upcoming Buddy Day. The project is called ‘Hearts for Preemies’. Hospitals collect small hearts made from flannel that the parents of premature babies put on themselves to absorb their scent. The heart is then placed in the crib with the baby when the parents are away. This is an opportunity to provide comfort and support for the baby as it helps the baby feel connected to his/her parents.

When our buddies get together, they will work together to follow a pattern to create a template for the hearts and to cut the hearts out. Once we are finished with getting the hearts ready, we will be donating the hearts to St. Joseph’s West Hospital.

In order to help accomplish this task, we are asking for donations of flannel from our community. The flannel can be any color and any size. It just needs to be washed. We are accepting donations until March 18.

Thank you for supporting this project.

Independence Elementary


You can order your yearbooks 2 ways!!! You can return the order form that recently went home or you can order online. To order online, please visit: and enter the code: 01307N.

Ordering is available until March 11th so order your yearbook today!!!


Reader’s Workshop

Students will:

· Identify the main topic of a multi-paragraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.

· Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain, or describe.

· Use information gained from illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.

· Describe the overall structure of a story, including describing how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes the action.

Writer’s Workshop

Students will:

· Recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.

Spelling/Phonics: Suffixes: -en and -hood

babyhood, boyhood, blacken, brighten, brotherhood, childhood, darken, frighten,

golden, knighthood, lighten, molten, motherhood, sharpen, shorten, weaken

Vocabulary: history, immigrant, riot

Read Aloud: Abby Takes a Stand

Text­: A Day’s Work, Going Home, Train to Somewhere, Smoky Nights

Math: Topic 12: Geometry

Lessons Includes: Polygons and Angles

Wholes and Equal Parts

Dividing Rectangles into Equal Parts

Equal Shares, Different Shapes

Problem Solving: Use Reasoning

Topic Review

Topic Test