~A Year At A Glance~

Kristin Danielle

A Little About Me(:

I am some what a confusing person, but honestly isnt everyone? I get lost in music whenever possible. I have a planned, set future that will hopefully happen; although most things in life do not go as planned. I am a determined person, so if there is an impossible task I will at least try to accomplish it!

This Year At A Glance!

This year, school wise, I have improved in my classes! Gladly, had less drama this year, in school and out. Honestly I feel like this year I have grown spiritually, which I am very proud of. This year has also thrown many curve balls at me, but I feel like it only made me a stronger person; I cant wait for next year!!!

*Dream Vacation*

My dream vacation is happening this year actually! I am going to Costa Rica for 1 week and a half. There will be many things to do and see; I am so excited! Just the sight of all the beauty is more than amazing. I wish I could stay there all summer but have to come back to windy, dirt, plain Lubbock, Texas.

<3 Dont want nights to end in summer with the bestfriends:(

I Don't Want This Night To End Luke Bryan lyrics

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