The Amazing Metal Detector!

The New Invention By Alexander Graham Bell That Everyone Has

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What Is the Metal Detector And why its the most handy tool you will ever have!

The Metal Detector is an amazing tool that helps you detect metal, that takes far less time than digging in the ground for hours just trying find where metal is. Why do that when there is the Metal Detector! That's why its so handy!

Everyone's is using the Metal Detector-Don't be the only one who's not!

  • Gold Prospectors everywhere have a Metal Detector to help them make a lots of money from all the gold found with the help of the Metal Detector!
  • Even when President James Garfield was shot in the back, doctors were trying to use Metal Detector to find the bullet.

Where is the Metal Detector most helpfull.

When your on the search for gold or when you have lost something metal and need a quick way to find it, and any time you need to!


My invention is the metal detector, it is a device used to detect metal objects. It works by using electromagnetic fields to help detect he metal objects. It was first invented to help doctors find a bullet that was in the back of President James Garfield when he was shot in 1881.

The metal detector had a large impact on how people lived. For example it gave people more time to do other things. This is true because with the metal detector they can easily find the metal object with out having to dig in the ground with out really knowing were to look exactly. Not only does the invention have an effect on the past but it has also help people today. For example people in the military use it to sometimes look for unexploded bombs, and other dangerous metal objects.

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