The Ancient Greek Theatre

Come for some historic fun from February 18- 28 2013

A whole range of plays

There are 44 plays from Ancient Greece that survive today. 33 are tragedies and 11 are comedies. Unfortunately we only have 10 nights to show as much as we can. We will show 5 tragedies and 5 comedies. The majority will be from the writings of the great Aristophanes.

Performance starts at 9:00pm at Enmore theatre each night

Doors will open for seating at 8:30. There will be plenty of beverages to buy beforehand. Some plays will go for up to 4 hours, however the majority will go for 3-3 and a half hours.

There will be actors such as...

Guarenteed to be facinating and exhilirating

Q. Will the plays be performed in the ancient Greek language

A. Yes however there will be English subtitles on a projector above the stage.

Q. Was there much research done to prepare for the event

A. There was hours and hours and hours of research done. We are very well prepared.

Q. Will there be a 12 man orchestra just like in the real Ancient Greece

A. No. We will have a proper orchestra with instruments so the quality will be stronger.