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September 26-29


1. Do Ten Marks for NBT.4. I have assigned this to you.

2. Complete C2 in IXL

2. Do the Partner Mission Activity with your partner. You will find the mission in a folder labeled "Math Mission" by the pencil sharpener. When you complete the mission, put your paper in the math TURN IN basket. HAVE FUN!!


1. Watch the Playposit Video by going to the Resources page and Clever. Then, click on Playposit and put in this

Search Code: m98aef and choose Villiard 16-17

Then, find the Rounding Numbers lesson. Answer the questions along the way. This is a great review of rounding like we talked about last week. Record your score on your contract for the week.

3. Work on the Practice page for subtraction. You can find this in a folder labeled "Math" by the pencil sharpener.


1. Play the Halloween partner game with your partner for the week when I call your group to play.

2. Do the Multiplicative Comparisons Task Cards around the room. Bring your answer sheet to the teacher to check your answers.


1. Click here to do the Mr. Nussbaum activity. Record your score on your contract.

2. Do the Ten Marks activities that I have assigned to you for OA.1 and OA.2. Record those scores on the Contract!