The Illusion of Separateness

A Thought for You...

by Jim Donovan

Connection, Light and the Illusion of Separateness

There exists an illusion that "you" are separate from others. This illusion is part of an agreement you each have made prior to being born on this planet. In making this agreement, you gave your soul and the universe itself the opportunity to experience what it is like to feel the pain of separation. The larger, overarching reality that many of you are beginning to sense is that "you", like everything else in your perceivable reality, are light. Consider for a moment the implications of this truth (as proven by your own physicists). The matter "you" are composed of is light. The matter everything is composed of is light.

When you experience light from your star (the sun), notice that this light shines on every surface it comes into contact with. It both illuminates and affects each surface it contacts. Light is a singular force; an energy that is not and cannot be separated. Similarly, "you", those around you, and the Earth are, in essence, an aspect of this very same light.

Just like light is inseparable from itself, you too are inseparable from others beneath the veil of the illusion of separateness. On the physical level, your body echoes this connection. It is made of the very same "stuff" as the elements of your planet; i.e. water, minerals and electricity. Even your food, in its purest form, gets its energy to grow from light.

The challenge you face at this moment is to find ways to remember the connection that is already there (and always has been). Begin by consciously reflecting on the idea that "you" are an integral part of the spectrum of light being focused into your reality right now. Notice if you can sense nature reflecting this innate connection back to you as you walk and breathe outside.

Begin to witness those around you who are struggling and see them no longer as victims, but simply as people who haven't yet remembered that they too are connected. Living from the knowledge that you are in direct relation to everything else will serve as an important reminder and example to others.

-Jim Donovan 2012

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Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan is a musician, teacher and motivator whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people.

In his work, Donovan records, performs, writes, and offers workshops in the US and abroad focused on using rhythm and sound as vehicles for personal and community transformation. He was a founding member of the multi-platinum 90's band Rusted Root and was voted "Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year" by the readers of Drum! magazine.