Why You Should Learn Proper Typing

Just do it

Increase Your WPM

The bottom line is this – if you type with one or two fingers of each hand, the average person can probably manage 40-60 wpm (words per minute). If you learn to touch-type, you can increase that speed to 60-100 wpm.

Because you're faster you can:

  • complete tasks and jobs more quickly
  • get more achieved in limited time
  • do more jobs in a month
  • have more free time to sit back and think up ideas
  • or just try out alternatives

Promote Good Health

With bad posture or hand positions, a typist may acquire neck or back pain. Many people who type poorly acquire the medical condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. With good technique, a typist has a better chance of avoiding all sorts of discomfort.

Employers Want Proper Typists

When you apply for a job, your employer may expect you to be able to type. Those who have proper typing skills will perform better when it comes to typing tasks in the workplace. This means that you might get the job over someone who can't type.
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