Grades 7-8 Commitment Form

January 2021

Please Make Your Choice for the 3rd Marking Period (February 1, 2021- April 16, 2021)

The second 10-week marking period is coming to an end on January 29. Families that had originally chosen "All Remote" instruction for their child will now have an opportunity to return their child to a face-to-face model of instruction. Please note, students must follow the same learning plan regardless of the custodial parent with which they are residing. We ask that parents/guardians discuss what is best for their child prior to making a submission.

Due to classroom and transportation limitations caused by social distancing guidelines, the following consideration will be given for a student to return to face-to-face instruction:

  • Availability of Classroom Space
  • Academic and Social Needs
  • Student need of academic intervention
  • Parent Transportation of child

All responses for J.W.Leary must be received by January 13. Each request will be reviewed and a determination will be made. You will be notified of the decision by January 22. Students will return to in person instruction, on the assigned A or B days, on 02/02/2021 or 02/03/2021.

Again, returning from All Remote instruction to face-to-face will be dependent on the number of requests to return and space availability of the classroom and transportation.

If you choose for your child to remain remote learning for the third marking period, you will again have an opportunity to change your instruction plan at the the fourth quarter if space allows. If you select face to face learning, you can change to remote learning at any time.


Any response not received by Wednesday January 13 will be considered All Remote Instruction (and will need to complete all assignments associated with remote instruction) for the third marking period.

Email Amanda Zullo, J.W. Leary Principal, at with questions.

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Must be submitted by Wednesday January 13, 2021. Any response not received will be considered all remote instruction for the 3rd quarter.