Roman Newspaper

By: Madison Gamez

The contribution of Roman newspaper.

Romans were contributed because of the public discourse through the use of official texts detailing military, legal and civil issues.

That was known as Acta Diurna.

It was also known as Daily Acts.

The past and present of Roman newspaper.

In the past the stones were written on stones and or on metal and after the newspaper had been written they were then sent into the Roman Forum.

In the days know romon newspaper are made out of paper and after they are written they would be sent to many different places.

How was it used in Ancient Rome, and how is it used today?

Roman newspaper was used to get thing out there of what is going on and also used for armies and the transport.

It is used today by what is going on in the Romans city.

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How was it a significant contribution to Ancient Rome?

Today people are still doing legal and civil issues for things that Romans did not do but people living today are doing some legal and civil thing these days.

Why is it a significant contribution to its culture today?

It is because of all the things they did back then will know help us live today and make us think about how they have lived back then. The Roman newspaper helped us to make one for what is going on in America each and every day.