The return:Going into civilian life

Iyanna Bailey

Taking the Troops for Granted

Do you really believe that troops return home having the same thoughts about everything as they did when they left? Most troops return depressed because of what they went through while in battle, while some of them also are depressed because, they are ashamed that America takes the freedom they have for granted.

  • Battle can change troops identities and result into post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Feeling Powerful

  • Being a troop causes a lot of suffering and pain but it is all for a good cause. Some troops feel more power when they are fighting for our country.

  • Most troops return with physical and mental issues.

  • The troops shouldn't be taken for granted as they are.

  • People that are returning from war are becoming confused and thinking that they see things that aren’t really there.

  • One troop said that he felt very powerful while he was in battle but when he returned back home he felt powerless.

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Civilian Life

Civilian life is harder on former troops than people might think. Maybe not all of them but their are many cases of depression and PTSD. Some troops are happy to come back home and return to civilian life.

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