The effects media has on body image

The idea for the perfect body has changed over the years with media being a big impact on it. Models and superstars on TV affecting how people want their body to be is hurting most people changing their body image time and time again. Young girls starving themselves to get skinny like models on TV is harming them; affecting not only their body but their health. Body image shouldn't be changed just because you love someone or want to fit in. You also should not be comparing yourself to superstars or models.
Models do allot more then starve themselves to get a good skinny healthy body. Young teenagers do not understand this and starve themselves until they are skinny but the difference is that they are not healthy. It takes allot of time to do those things but most of all they are born to have the body. You can not change the way you were born to be with your body, tall, small, big, tiny. The affects media has changes all these characteristics in people.