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Six Business Activities

Generating Ideas- TCT Bakery is the cutest, newest, and most popular bakery on the block! We’ve been best friends since we were little and loved to bake. So one day we decided to make baking our career and that’s how TCT Bakery was born. We’ve always lived in the surrounding area so we knew there wasn’t a lot of bakeries around.
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Raising Capital

The money comes from fundraisers that we start. We have had a caramel apple fundraiser which was a big hit and since we raised a lot of money we didn’t have to take out a loan. We figured it’d be worth putting in a couple thousand dollars ourselves.
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Employee and Training

When hiring, we put out fliers all over the block and then people have to come in and get an application. They take it home and fill it out, then bring it back in. We read over the application and if it sounds good and looks good, we call them and then interview them. For training, they will have on the job training with how to use different tools in the kitchen.

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Buying Goods and Services

We will have to purchase baking supplies, cleaning supplies, supplies to serve our items with. We will be using supplies from Mae’s, U.S. Cake Supplies. and Kitchen Krafts. Our office supplies will come from Walmart and Office Max.

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Marketing Goods and Services

We will put our business in the phone book an advertise on the radio. We will also be putting up flyers all around town.

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Maintaining Business Records

We will be tracking business information on our computers and the TCT app that we created. We will also track the information on paper in case our computers have a malfunction.

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Business Entity

We chose a partnership because it’d be very easy to run because we only have 3 owners. Some advantages is that we don’t have to pay that many taxes, easy to run because it’s small, and we don’t have to pay other fees for a small business. Disadvantages is that if we go into debt we have to pay all of it back or the government can take our personal items and people can’t help buy into our company.

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Business Goals

  1. We will have our employees grow from 15 to 30 in the first year.

  2. The amount of money each of us has put into the company will be almost paid-off.

  3. Sales will grow tremendously.

  4. There could be more merchandise in the store, therefore, bringing in more money for the bakery.

  5. Attract more customers from a different age group or ethnicity.
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Mission Statement

The mission of TCT bakery is to provide high quality bakery items along with a tranquil environment to enjoy your treats.


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Organizational Chart

TCT Bakery Commercial