St. Declan

By: Declan in Mrs Zarkovich's Class

St.Declan's date of birth, death and other things

St. Declan was born in the 5 century to the 5 century. No other information could be found about St. Declan's birth or death. He was born at Munster republic of Ireland. His feast day is on July 24. St. Declan is the patron saint of Ardmore witch means principal foundation.

Saint Declan's Prayers

Sorry but after looking at multipul sites I have found that there is no information on any prayers that have been made for saint Declan. I think that this is because he is a very old saint and they didn't wright down as much history then

How saint Declan was seen

He received marks of honour and sincere affection from the people and clergy of Rome. When they came to understand how worthy he was, for he was comely, of good appearance, humble in act, sweet in speech, prudent in counsel, frank in conversation, virtuous in mien, generous in gifts, holy in life and resplendent in miracles.

Saint Declan's picture

How/Why St.Declan Decyted to Become a Saint

In the Latin Life, Declán first embarks on a journey to Rome, where he studies and is ordained bishop by the Pope.[10] At Rome, he meets his fellow countryman St Ailbe of Emly, and on returning to Ireland, he meets St Patrick. Throughout the text, Declán recognises the supreme authority of both saints and with Patrick he comes to an arrangement about the sphere of their mission in Ireland.[10] On St Patrick's instructions, Declán founds the monastery of Ardmore (Irish Ard Mór), which lies near the Irish coast, in the southeast of the kingdom of the Déisi Muman, and having obtained Patrick's blessing, goes on to convert the Déisi to Christianity.[this passage was taken from the bible]

why is saint declan famous

St. Declan is famous because it is believed that he is the true first saint of Ireland and that he brought Christianity to Ireland 25 years before saint Patrick did. he also founded a big monetary in Ireland. A monetary is where monks and nuns would live.
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