Amberly the Paralized Barrel Racer

By : Ella Haefner

Before the Accident

Amberly Snyder was 3 years old when she started riding horse. She sarted competing when she was 7 years old. When Amberly was a Junior in high school she won 7 saddles and 70 buckles. In the year of 2009 she was offered a job in Denver for a summer job. She had a big life ahead of her with horse competitions.

The Accident

On the tenth of Janury 2010 Ambery was going to a Western Stock show and did not know how to get there and she also had a stomach ache so she took off her seatbelt. She looked down at her map because she didn't know where to go taking her eyes off the road. When she looked up she saw that she had swerved into the other lane. She tried to go back into her lane but she over corrected and he truck rolled. Amberly was thrown through the windshield of ther truck and she was thrown into a fence post and broke her back. She was laying on the side of the rode she did a self check she could feel her fingers and then she realized she could not feel her legs. Amberly called her dad and told him "I just got in a car accident and I can't move my legs" she then called the ambulance and was off to the hospital.

After the Accident

Amberly learnd how to ride again. She also made a saddle that has a seatbelt and straps on her legs so her legs don't hit the horse she also learned how to get on and off her horse. When Amberly wnt back to riding she also started to compete again. She won $1,000,000 and in a western shaddle doing barrels.

A little about Amberly childhod

There are six children in Amderly's family. When Amderly was little she would point to a horse that she wanted to ride and her mom would take her hand and draw the barrel pattern on her hand so it would seemed like a dream.