The Best Mom Ever!

Best Mom!

My Mom

Hello, today I will be telling you about my AWESOME Mom! First of all, her name is Karen and she is 50 years old. She is awesome because when I am dropped off by her for school in the morning when I wake up, she has my breakfast ready for me! Another reason is that if I need help with something, (For example, homework) she would definitely help if it were something REALLY hard that I could not figure out at all. She lets me bring my Gameboy on my bus to play with. (Which my Gameboy is the first electronic I have EVER brought on the bus with me.) Since she is a teacher she can know A LOT of things. If I am watching a YouTube video and I have to go to bed when I am in the middle of the video, she let’s me watch the rest of it. She will sometimes always let me get apps or games or other random things on the App Store that are money on my Ipad Mini. That is why she is a REALLY special woman! :D

I hope you liked it! :D