by elliana hamilton 4 hour

How is the Drug Taken into the Body?

Orally, injected, or dissolved in water.

What is Barbiturates?

It is used to relive anxiety, insomnia and seizure disorders. It is a drug diverted barbituric acid. It also surpresses the central nervous system activity.

Slang and Street Names:

  • barbs
  • barbies
  • red devils
  • sleepers
  • downers
  • stumblers
  • yellow jackets
  • red dolls
  • tootsies
  • rainbows

How does the Drug Effect the Body?

Short Term:

small quantities relieve insomnia, anxiety, and tension. They make the user appear drunk. The lethal dose is close to the normal amount so it is easy to over-dose. The user might not even know she or he is doing it.

Long Term:

serious risk of overdosing because of the lethal dose. Mixed with alcohol, tranquilizers, or heroin, it can be fatal. Pneumonia and bronchitis can happen to heavy users. Long term use of barbiturates can cause depression, intense tiredness, extreme mood swings, impaired memory, are all long term effects.

Signs of Abuse:

  • difficulty speaking
  • poor judgment
  • slow and shallow breathing
  • slow talking
  • lethargy
  • extreme periods of sleeping or coma
  • poor coordination
  • inability to walk correctly
  • irritableness
  • little memory
  • unaware of surroundings or problems and dangers

Dependence and Addiction:

It develops quickly and increasing doses make it a necessity to get the original desired feeling or effect.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

This happens 24 hours of the last dose, showing the second day and fade after a week or ten days.