The Grimke Sisters

By: Julie Shoemake

Contribution to Change

The Grimke sisters gave lectures and wrote books on women's rights and anti-slavery because they believed in equal rights for all. Their childhood had great influences on their beliefs in human rights and equality which led to their contribution to change.


The Grimke sisters grew up on a plantation, and their father had slaves. They saw how slaves were treated and started to teach one of them how to read and write. Their father caught them and forced them to stop because at that time it was illegal. Experiences like this most likely contributed to them being abolitionists.

Women's Rights

When Angelina was a child, she wanted to attend law school like her brother had, but was unable to because of women's education restrictions. I believe setbacks they experienced like this drove them to fight for equality between women and men.

Remembering the Grimke SIsters

They are most known for contributing to equality between women and men. This picture depicts that even years later in the 60's - 70's, they were still known and remembered for fighting for women's rights. This picture shows their lasting effect on women's rights was noticed even many years after they died.
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Some Interesting Facts

The Grimke sisters lived to see the beginning of the downfall of slavery, and the beginning of the women's rights movement. They were also some of the first female public speakers in the United States.

Here is a fun presentation to go look at!


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