Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #4

Happy Friday Orchestra Families!

We had another great week in Springman Orchestra. 6th graders have been working really hard on beginning their journey of successful sight reading (ask them the steps!), 7th graders are working extremely hard at mastering playing and counting in 6/8 time signature and 8th grade working on performing about 6 pieces all in different key signatures. I'd say we are busy, but the hard work will pay off at our Fall Concert!

Next weeks schedule is as follows:

Monday (9/19)

  • 7th grade morning rehearsal
  • 7th grade lessons

Tuesday (9/20)

  • 8th grade morning rehearsal
  • 6th grade lessons

Wednesday (9/21)

  • 7th grade morning rehearsal
  • 6th grade lessons

Thursday (9/22)

  • 6th grade morning rehearsal

Friday (9/23)

  • 8th grade morning rehearsal
  • 8th grade lessons


Just for clarification - 6th graders come in the mornings when it says "6th Orchestra", 7th graders come in the mornings when it says "7th Orchestra" and 8th graders come in the mornings when it says "8th Orchestra".
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8TH GRADE FAMILIES - Make Your Calendars!

The high school orchestra program has invited all incoming 8th graders to perform on their Strictly Strings Fall Concert! Please mark your calendars for October 25th!

The morning of Oct. 25th, students will take a field trip from 7:45 AM - 12:15 PM to Glenbrook North High School. There they will be broker up into sectionals and then take part in a full ensemble rehearsal to prepare the pieces they will be performing with the freshmen as well as other middle schoolers.

That evening, you are your family will return to Glenbrook North and you'll see the students perform on the concert. Students will be given a special t-shirt as their uniform for this performance.

Get excited to see your 8th grade friends from last year as well as get a glimpse into what high school orchestra is all about!

Check Your Instrument Size!

It surely seems that students are GROWING like crazy this year. That being the case, stringed instruments are sized based on your students size. I have noticed many students (especially in 6th grade) have instruments that are too small. I highly recommend that if your students instrument looks too small, to get them resized. Posture and playing will be affected if students are not using the correct size.

If you have any specific questions regarding your student, please let me know and I am happy to help!

See below for sizing for violin AND viola.

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Sound Innovations!

Thank you so much to those of you who have already purchased your Sound Innovation Books. We have already started digging into them. Please ensure that you have your book ASAP.

6th - Book 1, Blue Book

7th - Book 2, Red Book

8th - Book 2, Red Book

Private Lessons

Do you want to be challenged? Do you want some extra practice materials? I highly recommend starting private lessons. Please see below for a list of private lesson teachers. If you are already taking privately and like your teacher but they are not on the list, please e-mail me back and I am happy to add them!
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Musical Moment of the Week!

In the spirit of the Cubs clinching their division as well as football finally getting underway... here is what Beethoven would sound like if it were a sporting event! Enjoy!
PDQ Bach - Beethoven Symphony No. 5