Kangaroos for Shoes

Fight the Kangaroo leather and fur industry!

Help end the largest present day wildlife massacre!

Help the cause and avoid these companies!

  • Converse

  • Nike

  • Hi-Tec

  • Puma

  • Reebok

  • Diadora

  • Gucci

  • Gideon

  • Ugg

Donate! Help save the Kangaroos by donating to these organizations!

Save the Kangaroo- Charity that advocates for Kangaroos, protests, and pushes information about Kangaroo abuse into the media.

Australian Society for Kangaroos- Charity that pushes for the cut down of Kangaroo hunting in Australia, they fight to save Kangaroos from cruel deaths.

Australian Wildlife Society- Works for the conservation of Australian Wildlife, including Kangaroos.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy- Owns over 3 million hectares of land for the conservation of wildlife, reserves to prevent hunting.

Australian Wildlife Protection Council- Dedicated to the preservation of Australian Native Wildlife, and the conservation of their habitats

Humane Society Australia International; Australia- Habitat conservation, Prevention of extinction, international biodiversity policies to aid native animals, campaigns for humane treatment of wildlife.

Stop this inhumane massacre of millions of Kangaroos, show your support for the conservation of Kangaroos and take action today!