Can families adapt to there dishes?

How can families adapt these dishes to make them healthier?

Cook with others

Learn about cooking with other or traditional foods from others who use authentic recipes and ingredients and explore ways to improve the nutrition of some of your own
family favorites.

Families' meals frequently contain dishes from their cultural traditions

Immigrants often use food as a means of retaining their cultural identity. People from different cultural backgrounds eat different foods.

Some of the foods of many places


Whether you’re trying to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, lower your sodium intake or just be healthy, limiting the fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar in your diet is important. Healthy eating habits for children and adults begin at home. Remember, children under two have special dietary needs. Check with your physician before altering their diet. Cooking more healthfully is no reason to give up your favorite family recipes. All you need to do is learn how to adapt them to meet your dietary goals.

Step Approach to Adapting Recipes

1. Look for those “problem” ingredients that make a recipe high in fat, cholesterol or sodium.

2. Find low-fat or low-sodium substitutions to replace these ingredients. You can reduce the amount of the ingredient or substitute a similar ingredient that is healthier for you. Sometimes you can eliminate the unhealthy ingredient completely.

3. Change your method of food preparation. For instance, instead of deep fat frying, try boiling.