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eVal Washington - What's Next?

Now that the core team from your district has received PD on eVAL, it may be time to train the larger group of teachers and principals. This course will develop the capacity in your district to do that. A staff member who understands the new evaluation system…is comfortable with technology…and is ready for a leadership role…would make an ideal candidate!

By joining the cadre of eVAL trainers in SW Washington, participants will receive training on the following:

  • Instructor training on the use of the online eVAL tool for self-assessment, goal-setting and the observation cycle;
  • Instructor training on online tools that increase participant interaction during their workshop sessions;
  • Clock hour instructions, a workshop outline and script, current training materials and user guides (which are upgraded to keep pace with ongoing changes made to the eVAL tool), with rights to reproduce them for workshops;
  • Access to a wiki set up especially for eVAL trainers, offering the most up-to-date versions of training materials, links to online collaboration tools, and other useful training resources;
  • And collaboration with other eVAL trainers who share their best practices, effective training methods, and self-made materials.

Course Title: Developing Leadership on the Use of eVal

DATE Options:
  • Aug 26 (Session #46351)
  • Oct 1 (Session #46352)
  • Oct 19 "SATURDAY" (Session #46983)
  • Oct 24 (Session #46353)

TIME: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (9:30 - 4:00 on Saturday)

Course Fee: $375 per person * 12 clock hours available

Space Limit: 24 participants

*Includes 4 one-hour evening webinars.

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