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News For October 19 - October 23


Edited by Holly Yazdi and Joseph Sandefur

Written by Jamie Folds, Jaden Hancin, Will Kell, Jada McCollum, Skyilar Mitchell, Joseph Sandefur, Meadow Stowell, Kate Walden, and Holly Yazdi

DMS 2015-2016 Calendar

The official calendar for this school year

A message from our superintendent


CLASSROOM NEWS (not all classes listed)


Lindsey: Lab, Muscular Skeletal System, Test

Smith: Adv- Quiz Monday

Regular- Quiz Tuesday

Duke: Supreme Court cases, Freedom Flix, Current event on any court case


Holt: Supreme Court cases, Freedom Flix, Current event on any court case

Majewski: Check on Moodle for assignments

Kinard: Quiz on Organ Systems. See Moodle for more details


Boone: Pre Algebra- Scientific Notation

Algebra 1- Laws of Exponents

Surrey: Ancient Greece

White: Testing on Chapter 5


Larisey: Greek Civilization

Benefield: Quiz Friday, Chapter 5

Madison: Reading The Hunger Games and learning to annotate

Garafola: Pre Algebra- Real numbers

Algebra 1- Functions

DMS Staff Directory & Emails

This is the list of staff directory and emails at Daphne Middle School


Math Teacher at Daphne Middle

What inspired you to be a teacher?

Mrs. Boone said she loves math and her dad was an engineer and was a part time teacher.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

She said she was either going to be retired or continue to be a professor at Faulkner State.

What is your favorite thing about summers?

Mrs. Boone says that she loves sleeping late, working out everyday, and reading.

What has been your biggest challenge from teaching?

She says the paperwork and feeling that she can't help kids sometimes as much as she would like to.

What are your hobbies outside of teaching?

Mrs. Boone loves spinning at the YMCA, hanging with her husband, reading, and taking care of her 2 dogs.


Career Tech (Schneider): Continuing "Shark Tank".

Art (Bittinger): Continuing crab paintings, and designing SEEDS Classic Rock Fun Run/5k T-Shirts.

21st Century Skills (Pearson): Students will do activities on the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, and continue blogging.

Band (Thomas): Studying sharp scales, and getting Christmas music.

FACS (K. Taylor): Students will begin cooking once they complete their test.

Peer Helpers (Blake): Out of the Darkness Walk on the 18th. For more information look at the blurb below.


Fleurettes: The Fleurettes are selling BOO grams at break. You will be able to buy your friends a lollipop and send a message with it. They will be sold until October 29th for $1.00

TSA: October 26th is the Parent evening tech night hosted by TSA

NJHS: Meeting on Thursday, October 22nd with just officers.

FCCLA: There will be a meeting on October 30th, until 4:30. They will be making blankets for the severely ill children at local hospitals.

YOGA: Practice Wednesday until 4:30

Congratulations to The Fleurettes Officers

President: Lillie Yazdi

Vice President: Bree Kendrick

Secretary: Holly Yazdi

Treasurer: Madelyn Byrne

Historian: Jocelyn Wright

Reporter: Mya Jo Williams

Congratulations to the TSA officers

President: Anna Claire Nolfe
Vice President: Bree Kendrick
Secretary: Lillie Yazdi
Treasurer: Sydney Wyre
Sergeant At Arms: Joseph Marshall
Reporter: Jada McCollum


The Out of the Darkness walk will be October the 18th at City Hall

Be sure to sign up at

Make sure you sign up under "DMS Peer Helpers"!


The Fleurettes will be selling Boograms now through the 29th for $1.00. Visit the cafeteria during your break to buy one for your friends or for yourself. They will be delivered in homeroom on the 30th.


October 17- October 22: Softball Tryouts

October 26- Parent evening tech night hosted by TSA

First Priority- Every Wednesdays at 7:20 in the Library

Art of the Week

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By Raven Villa


Trojans Take the Silver

Last Tuesday the cross country team played in the county championship. The boys got second place and lost only by 4 points. The top boy runners were Ethan Rowe , Benton Brown , Lance Paquette , Bailey Mott , and Ethan Croft. The top girl runners were Presley Williams , Reagan Parker , Grace McCrory , Anna Patterson , and Gillian Ayres. Congratulations to these young athletes who worked hard and had an amazing season!

Football Game

This Thursday is a football game against Spanish Fort. We will play at their stadium. Kick-off starts at 6. Last Thursday Daphne played Central Baldwin and won 36 - 8. Congratulations Daphne on the small victory for the lead up to the Championship Game. Go Trojans !

Swim Schedule

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7th grade boys Basketball

CONGRATULATIONS to the 7th grade boys who made the boys basketball team. Great job to everyone else who tried out! Players who made it are listed below. The team members are extremely excited for the new season and they think that they are going to do great this year because they all know each other.
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Bookmark Contest winners

The Bookmark contest winners for 2015-2016 school year is:

1st place Hayden Roulston

2nd place Jake Berry

3rd place Sydney Schmitt

Librarian's choice- Caleb Dyche


The Library is collecting boxtops for Education to purchase new books. Bring as many as you can so we can buy more books!

Feed the fireman/police

On October 10, the Daphne High School swim team and Middle School Team went to all Daphne fire stations and Daphne police stations to feed the workers. The athletes and their parents prepared many different foods like Boston Butt, buns, baked beans, cole slaw, potato dishes, different desserts, and many drinks. The team and parents thought that it would just be a good thing to do to give back to the hard working men and women who served. There were many swimmers from Daphne Middle who participated.