Newsletter- Women's History Month

Comanche Pride Month of March

Women's History Month

The month-long commemoration started with Women’s History Day in 1978, organized by the school district of Sonoma, California. Hundreds of students participated in the essay competitions, many presentations were given, and a parade was held in Santa Rosa. The idea caught on and, a few years later, school districts, communities, and organizations all over the country were celebrating the day. In 1980, the National Women’s History Alliance championed for the holiday to be observed as a national week, and this was backed by President Jimmy Carter, who issued the first proclamation declaring the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week. The following year, Congress forwarded a resolution establishing a national observance. Six years later, the expansion of the event to the whole month of March was successfully petitioned by the National Women’s History Project.

Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP)

As part of the DAP Program, students got an opportunity to tour Busch Stadium

CHS Students participating in Culinary Arts cake contest. Great Job Ms. Kennedy

5 Essential Survey

The window is now open for the annual 5 Essential Survey. Parents, staff and students should complete the survey which is reported to the state. Below is the link

Black History Program

On Tuesday, we will have our Black History Program. The program will start at 2:30 pm. We will run our PLC schedule for Tuesday.
Teach Like a Champion Technique 39 - Do It Again
The historic women's suffrage march on Washington - Michelle Mehrtens

Social/Emotional Support

Along with academic needs, we know many of the families we serve need social and emotional support. Many may not know of organizations and the resources they provide. We have added a tab to our school page where students, parents and staff can fill out to request assistance for those in need. Once filled out, the referral will go to administrators and social workers. We will assess, determine the support needed and put families in touch with the proper services.

Activities for the month

  • 3/2-Powerful Parent Meeting
  • 3/10- SIP Day, 12:00 dismissal
  • 3/17- St. Patrick's Day
  • 3/23- IL Empower Check-in