Dangers of improper P&T

Writer's Cramp: by Evan Rixman


Writer's Cramp is the repetitive movement of the wrist and fingers and each movement builds pain onto the pain already there. If you think you have brought it upon yourself, here are some symptoms. one symptom is you declined in hand-eye coordination, like your penmanship skill decreased,you hurt your fingers a lot, or you're dropping objects, like dishes that aren't wet and are easy to carry, or books. another symptom is your hands tremble or cramp up. You may want to stick your hands under your legs or in pockets while sitting, and hands under pillow while sleeping. You may notice your diaphragm trembling when you breathe. now, even better, this is how you prevent it all together. The best thing is to take a typing class, but if you can't, buy a mousepad with a gelatin wristrest, and you can find them at Best Buy.