Virtual Resume

Gagan Sandhu

Smart Goals


Specific- My academic smart goal is to graduate grade 12 with a 80% average.

Measurable- I will like to achieve this goal by the end of high school.

Attainable- I will review my notes an hour every other day and ask questions for clarification.

Relevant- In order to get into university, they expect you to have a high average.

Timely- I will aim to get 80% or above on every test.


Specific- My goal is to have 200 volunteer hours by the time I graduate grade 12.

Measurable- I will like to achieve this goal by the end of high school.

Attainable- I will earn more hours and experience.

Relevant- By having more hours, it will make my resume stand out compared to others.

Timely- I will create smaller goals such as getting 50 hours by the end of grade 11 and grade 12 each since I currently have 100 hours.

Future Job Resme

Gagan Sandhu

8 Balloon Cres. Brampton, ON L6P 4B7 | 416-303-1020 |


· Seeking a full-time position in business administration.


2018-2022 | York University

· Bachelors of Business Administration

2014-2018 | Louise Arbour Secondary School

· DECA: Team club specializing in business.

· Ambassador: Extracurricular club helping with events organized by the school.

Skills & Abilities

Time Management

· Can easily balance out my schedule while working, learning and extracurricular activities at the same time.

· Persuade others to buy new products along with knowledge on every item sold.

Leadership & Communication

· Able to guide others and take full responsibility of situations where a customer may be upset or lost in a friendly manner.

Leadership Award

· 2015- Award for being a leader and guiding people while being a part of LA Ambassadors.

CPR and First Aid Certification: 2014-2018

· Able to help others in need when they are choking or cannot breathe.

Work Experience

Cashier | Garage Clothing | 2017-Present

· Trusted to handle money.

· Trusted to open up| the store alone.

Cashier and Server | Nando’s Flame Grilled Chicken | 2014-2017

· Take orders of customers and serving the correct meal.

· Dealing with unpleasant/upset costumers in a respectful manner.

· Great knowledge and trust with handling money.

CO-OP | TD Bank | 2017

· Learned daily tasks.

· Handled money.

· Greeted others in a friendly manner.

Volunteer Experience

Brampton Public Library | Summer 2018

· Re-stacked books.

· Organized books.

· Organized events

· Promoted monthly deals.

LA Ambassador | 2014-2018

· Help set up and run events planned by the school after school hours.

· Guiding others around.

· Making everyone feel welcome.

· Meeting new people.

NDP Campaign Office | Summer 2015

· Canvassing door to door while respectfully speaking positive about NDP.

· Meeting new people.


Ms. Ngo

Louise Arbour Secondary School

(905) 793-5451

Nav Sandhu

TD Branch Manager

(416) 305-9429

Challenges and Solutions

One challenge a bank manger would face is reaching branch targets set by the head office. The bank managers job is to develop strategies to reach these targets. I, as a bank manager would have to create strategies which I believe would help the other branches reach their goals. Some strategies which would come in handy would be managing time wisely. If the branches can manage time wisely, they can easily have more time and attention towards reaching their targets. Another skill to reach our goal would be to work harder. This way, we have more chances in reaching our target. In conclusion, one main challenge would be to reach branch targets to keep the business running.

Another challenge is supervising the security. If there was ever short in money, we would have to keep an eye out for the thief or the reason behind the shortage in money. In order to find out, we would have to work longer shifts and change up the working schedule. We would also have to be very careful and try catching every small detail. Small details can lead to the answer to the theft or suspicion. We would also need employees with a lot of experience working for us since we can gain their trust if we have known them for a very long period of time. Therefore, trust with money and supervision is another challenge bank managers can face.

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