Come to Mars!

Proven to have liquid water!

About our planet

We are 141.6 million miles from the Sun! Nothing too extreme, it only would take around 1.9 years to travel to. There would be extremely high UV levels. Be sure not to get a sunburn and bring lots of SPF 1000 sunscreen! We also have 2 small, tiny moons! Named Phobos and Deimos. It is the 4th planet from the sun and takes 687 Earth days to revolve around the sun.

Come to Mars!

All in all, there's lots of adventures here! Here's some tips of what to bring: Heavy sweaters for the -80 degrees Fahrenheit, climbing gear to climb the highest mountains in the Solar system, and we have a tour bus that runs on electricity! You can navigate around the planet if you pay $100 for every minute on the bus! So bring some cash! It's pretty expensive for the bus because it is an ultra super speed bus that looks extremely cool colored blue and black, that can travel 1/10 the speed of light! It also have extremely comfortable sofas and a HD TV with cable!

We are Mars!

We are not responsible any injuries, deaths, theft, damage, loss, frostbites, hypothermia, or any type of sickness. We do not recommend you to come if you are pregnant, have brain disorder, or any type of contagious disease such as Ebola, HIV, etc... We extremely recommend you to wear clothing that you would when you go ski, or even better, when you're going to the moon. You need to buy the thickest jackets you can find, and wear 5 of them at once. Please do not go outside your territory that we will provide without clothes. If you do, you will get kicked out of our planet without a question, or refund. If you do not enjoy the vacation and has a reasonable excuse, we will have a 5% money back guarantee.