Stamp Act of 1765

By: The People of England (Amin Norris)

Attention all people of England

We, the commons of England, have gathered to get back what the colonists owe us. They have used our money, supplies, protection, and food to help win a war they started, and we need to take back our shares.

We have decided to do so by collecting taxes from them. The taxes will be collected by stamping over any paper material sold, and will be given directly to the King of England and his heirs.

Join Us Now!

We will officially start the Stamp Act, November 1st, 1765, and we are hoping this will last until they have fully paid us back in debt. We would appreciate the support from all those who agree with this idea of taxation, and would like to have feed back to improve on our way of collecting money, quick and efficient.

November 1, 1765

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What all will be stamped?

For Every...

Skin or piece of vellum or parchment, or sheet or piece of paper, on which shall be engrossed, written or printed.

Upon Every...

Pack of playing cards, all dice, pamphlet, news paper containing public news, almanac, calendar, deed, note, letter, or other instrument of writing for any purpose in the colonies or on the plantations, shall be taxed with a stamp on each item sold.

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Why are we taxing this item?


We have decided to tax this item because we feel like if we add a little extra cost to each paper item, then we will slowly get our money back. Tons of paper is being sold, so if we add taxation costs, we can quickly reach our goal as a country to get our money back to the king.

Contact us for more information, and what will happen when the colonist have paid off all of their debt.

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- Documented, edited, and published by the Stamping Act

(Amin Norris)

Jokes with the Stamp Act (Exciting right?)

Did you hear the joke about the letter that wasn't stamped? Oh wait... you wouldn't get it.

What did the envelope say to the stamp? "Stick with me and we'll go places."

(If you don't like that) What did the stamp say to the envelope? "I've become attached to you."

Why did the boy jump up and down on his letter? He heard that the post office wont send your letter if it wasn't stamped.

Why are cowboys afraid of post offices? Because with that many stamps, they could break out into a stampede.