Federacion Zacatecana

of Forth Worth

The Start of The Federacion Zacatecana in Forth Worth

The Federacion Zacatecana was founded on March 20, 2003. It consists of a multitude of clubs that each represent a certain city in Zacatecas. A main reason as to why the organization started was to help bring more government assistance to the inhabitants of Zacatecas and help the community recover from negligence. Each individual club tries to improve the infrastructure or improve the agricultural status of their city with assistance from the Federacion. By having close ties with the Governor of Zacatecas, The Federacion of Zacatecana is able to accomplish it's goals and give assistance.

The oppurtunites given by The Federacion de Zacatecas

The organization has put an end to some of the corruption in the government and has made sure the government is more involved with it's state. The federation of Zacatecas has united with the governor of Zacatecas to discuss how the money is going to be used. With the help of The Federacion Zacatecana, Zacatecas has improved infrastructure through the building of recreation centers, roads, water systems, libraries, and schools. Agricultural assistance is given to farmers through fair pay for what they grow and helping them obtain tools needed to grow produce.

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