World War Two

Ana C. Melendez

A Is For Anderson Shelter

Was very effective at saving lives.

B Is For Battle Ships

Battle ships remained the most heavily protected ships afloat.

C Is For Courage

Japan's rise to power from 1849 to 1941.

D Is For For Doolittle

It caused negligible material damage to Japan.

E Is For Evacuate

Was designed to save civilians in Britain.

F Is For Flame-Thrower

Is a mechanic incendiary device designed to project a long.

G Is For Grenade

Was designed to place the explosive filling.

H Is For Helmet

Covering or enclosing headpiece of armor.

I Is For Intelligence

Was reorganized as the millitary intelligence.

J Is For Jump Zone

Paratroops there jumping where there aiming for there target.

K Is For Kursk

Battle of Kursk Was a World War 2 engagement.

L Is For Landing Craft

They are boats and sea going vessels.

M Is For Minesweeper

Is a small naval warship designed to engage in minesweeping.

N Is For Navy

The united states grew rapidly during World War 2.

O Is For Occupation

Occupation of poland is one of the darkest chapters of world war 2.

P Is For Paris

German troops enter and occupy paris.

Q Is For Quisling

Was a norwegian facist politican.

R Is For Resistance

There was also resistance movements fighting agaisnt the allied invades.

S Is For Seabees

The name of the seabees was created by Frank J.

T Is For Tokyo

Often referred to as a series of firebombing.

U Is For Uniform

Helmets/Hats , Uniform clothing , Footwear, Uniform equipment , patches badges , insignia.

V Is For V-E Day

To mark the formal acceptance by the allies of world war 2

W Is For War Bonds

Issued by govt to finance military operations and other exenditure in times of war.

X Is For X-ray

The X-ray machine was used beyond war world 2 and into the horean war.

Y Is For Yamato

Was the lead ship of yamato class of imperial Japanese Navy War World 2 battleships.

Z Is For Zero Plane

A single-seat low-wing monoplane used with great effect by the japenese during world war 2.