Samuel Adams

Brooklyn Wright, Tanner Odom, Jared Seamon

Who is Samuel Adams?

He was an American Statesman, a political philosopher, and one of the founding fathers.

came from a Christian family

had eleven siblings but only two survived past their third birthday.

His parents wanted him to be a priest but he insisted on being a politician. He was known as " The Last of the Puritans" because he was religious and that affected his choices in life.

He was given the best education money could buy.

born on September 27, 1722.

died October 2, 1803


Before he was a politician, he was a failed brewer, newspaper publisher, and British tax collector. He was a revolutionary who helped organize The Sons of Liberty, who fought for rights and fought against taxation against the British government.

Contribution to America

Sam Adams helped by being in apart of The Sons of Liberty. They fought just as hard as the minuet men who were local farmers and artisans who built a small army. Without them planning and fighting like this they would have never changed America.