Technology Class at Lineville

By: Brandon Revall

Learn To Type:

Learn to type helped us become faster at typing words, story's, and paragraphs! It also really helped by teaching us to type without looking at the keyboard when typing. And it helped too by teaching us how to type bigger words and learn them at the same time!


Coding is a type of programming that is used to make video games and more, with we learned how and what coding is and how to do it and also about it by playing fun coding games with fun characters from frozen to mincraft and much more!

Explain Everything:

With explain everything we got to choose one math problem to explain how to solve from a set of math problems ranging from hard to easy. And this also helped us with presentation skills to and more!

Career Locker:

Career locker helped us a lot by telling us info about our dream jobs, what jobs pay, requirements, and cool and interesting facts! Also it told us about colleges and university's that we liked and how much they cost in all and just about all the information for just about any college or university!!!

Haiku Deck:

With haiku deck we practiced our presentation skills and made a presentation about our dream jobs and facts about them and why its our dream job and present it in front of our class!


With itrailer we learned how to make good looking and interesting mini trailers about a subject of our choice. Also this project helped to with presentation skills and organization too!