March Newsletter

St. Dominic School 2020-2021

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Principal's Message

Dear St. Dominic Families,

A year ago, in this space, I wrote about how excited I was about the upcoming St. Dominic Show, "A Story All Our Own". Little did I know how the world was about to change!

I could never have imagined the impact a virus would have on our school and our world. You certainly don't learn about this in school administration classes. The sheer number of lives lost, plans interrupted, learning disrupted, and day-to-day life adjusted is staggering. Without my trust in God, I would have felt lost. My time in prayer each morning has given me the strength to take on days that brought unheard of challenges. My faith has also given me the eyes to see the goodness and beauty in the world, which I reflect on each night. I hope that your faith has similarly sustained you and that your children feel the comfort of God's love for them, even as the world around them seems scary.

Despite the fear and the worry, our theme this year is as true as ever --- "Smile! Jesus loves you!" There will be even more smiles in the month ahead. Our SDS teachers and staff will get their second vaccinations on Saturday, March 13. We do not anticipate that the school schedule will be affected. However, we are all hearing stories of adverse reactions to the second dose, and if we are down even a few teachers, we will have to cancel school since all of our substitute teachers are getting vaccinated as well.

Another reason for smiles is that, despite the pandemic, students at St. Dominic School continue to learn every day and grow in their faith. I wish our parents could see through my eyes for just one day. As I visit classrooms, I see students focused on learning and teachers doing such good work to keep kids engaged and progressing.

I'm looking forward to some more Family Game Nights this month. These have been a fun way for grade level families to connect with each other.

We continue to journey through Lent together as a school community. Students in each grade will be visiting the church for Stations of the Cross, and we have planned a day of faith-filled activities on Holy Thursday.

God bless you,

Mrs. Covington

Catholic Schools Week Video

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March Memories

Printable March Dates

Tomorrow's Leaders Start Here

Each month, this space will include the students who are recognized for being leaders at St. Dominic School. After our Friday masses, Mrs. Covington announces the names of all the student leaders who have been recognized. She will then bring them a bracelet that says "I am a leader at St. Dominic School" and take their picture. Pictures are displayed on the bulletin board off the main entrance area.

Teachers, parents, and fellow students are encouraged to identify students who lead in worshipping, learning, serving, and connecting. These are students who go above and beyond by giving of their time, recognizing a need, and putting others ahead of themselves.

Important Messages From the FEA

Plans for a safe, fun, and simple St. Dominic Show are now underway. Starting in the next few weeks, Miss Kaiser will be working with the students to remember their choreography from last year and teach any new students. The theme, "A Story All Our Own" was tied to the 60th anniversary of the show. A limited number of parent volunteers will be assisting her. The main parent coordinator is Corrine Henning.

Right now, we are hoping for an outdoor show that all students can attend in order to see the other classes, as well as an indoor performance for each grade level. Those performances may be open to parents and will also be recorded.

The next FEA meeting is on Monday, March 15 at 7 p.m. Please plan to attend. The Zoom link will be provided in the Week Ahead.

Bulldog Club News

A Message from Athletic Director, Tim Sokal:

Hello St Dominic families,

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and we received an email from CYO that they will be offering spring sports this year. We have now opened up the Bulldog spring sports registration on our site

CYO does not have any dates, timelines or schedules of when their team registrations will be open or when practices could start up but we want to be ready once they do.

We are willing to offer the following sports as long as we have numbers and coaches for teams:

CYO Track (3-8 grade boys & girls)

Rugrat Track (K-2 grade boys & girls)

CYO Girls Lacrosse (5-8 grade)

COS flag football (3&4 grades)

**Lacrosse - Need a Head Coach. Regan Shanahan was Coach last year but is out with a torn ACL. We have several parents that can assist with coaching and Regan is happy to pitch in with questions. Contact if you are interested in helping our lacrosse ladies.

Of course, all teams will follow COVID restrictions and guidelines as outlined per leagues and the Diocese of Cleveland.

Thank You!

St Dominic Bulldog Club

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Catholic Education in the News

Read here for interesting or informative news about Catholic schools. All over the country, and right here at St. Dominic School, Catholic education is making a difference in the lives of students every day.

Catholic Schools Are Beating COVID

"Amid all the pain and disruption, a year of coronavirus has given Americans a new respect for those working to keep daily life as normal as possible, from the frontline nurse to the Amazon delivery man. Near the top of this honor roll is an especially unsung hero: the Catholic-school teacher."

Partners in Faith Publication

Family Calendar

We now have a digital calendar for school families, which you can synch to your devices. Here is the link for Google calendar:

Here is the link for ical:

The iCal must be periodically refreshed to keep it in synch with the Google calendar.