Google Drive

Email, Spreadsheets, and more.


In spreadsheets there are so many things that you can do. You can chart data, minipulate data, enter data, and formulate data. On spreadsheets you can put in your data. You can merge cells by hitting the merge button. What this will do is join the cells together so that you can have a title that will go across the whole page. You can also put in formulas. When you want to do that you put an = and put what you want in it to calculate (average, sum, min, max). After that you will drag you mouse that select all the cells that you would like it to calculate. You can also make charts of data. All you do is enter in the data after you are done entering the data you will select what you want to make a chart out of. After that you just make chart and the computer will do it for you. You can design it how ever you want.

Email and Sharing

Email and Sharing are two different things. When you email something, you are just sending some document or letter to someone. When that person get the email all they can do is look at it. They can not edit it. Sharing is something else when someone shares something they are not just giving it to you they are letting them edit it. Sharing happens in google drive where you make documents and presentations. In order for the person you are sharing it with to edit it you have to put them as a owner of your document or what ever you are sharing.


If you don't have keynote or powerpoint on your computer you can use the presentation option on google drive it works great. It is so easy to work with and doesn't take much time at all.

Google Sites

Google Sites is awesome. On google sites you can make your own websites. You can create tabs, change the color, change the font, and you can even make a link. Here is a website that I made on digital citizenship.

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