ORE Monday Notes

May 23-27

Today's Meeting will begin in the GYM for all Vertical Teams and SBLT. Classified Staff does not need to attend. All support and specialists should attend. Following the whole group meeting we will break into our Vertical Teams and SBLT.

Thanks to our entire Sunshine Hospitality Team for planning such a wonderful EOY Celebration! Everyone had a GREAT time! The place was perfect, the food was great, and the people - of course - were the best part of all!


  • Please remember to check the Outlook Master Calendar for important upcoming End of the Year dates. Things sometimes change so check back frequently to make sure you have the most up to date information. Please communicate with parents all end of the year school wide dates through your weekly newsletters.
  • I will be reviewing the submitted EVAAS Rosters over the next two weeks. I might have to send some rosters back for additional calculations. If I re-send your roster to you - you will receive an email and you will then need to make the necessary changes and resubmit the roster back to me.
  • Please make sure that you have completed all your SAFE SCHOOLS required online modules before leaving for Summer Break.
  • The Data Spreadsheet on our School's SharePoint will be used to create homeroom classes for next year. I am beginning this process this week. Please make sure that the demographic section is correct for each student in your room and please make sure all data across this entire year has been filled in for each student.
  • Your Room Checkout Checklists will be given to you next Tuesday, May 31st. As in past years, you should begin making plans to put away all materials so that nothing is sitting on top of book shelves, tables, file cabinets, etc. All furniture will be removed for waxing of the floors this summer and all furniture needs to be able to be moved as easily as possible for our custodians. They should not have to move items or boxes to move a table or book shelf out into the hallway. All materials need to be packed tightly and stored inside your cabinets or on top of your cabinets. You can also tightly pack cubbies but it is suggested that you fully wipe/clean the cubbies out prior to packing them so that they will be clean when you arrive back next August. Also - a few of you have asked so just to remind everyone - all items that are taped anywhere in your classroom and/or hallway must come down. Items that are stapled to fabric type walls can remain if they are very secure and do not have a chance of coming down into the wax in potentially humid conditions.
  • All teachers on the 2/3 hallway will need to make sure their rooms are ready for a Summer Camp teacher to set up those classrooms on June 15th and June 16th. Summer teachers will need access to the front bulletin board, white board, projector, computers, teacher desk, student desks, tables, etc. You can pack up your cubbies and cabinets (tightly) and I will remind our Summer Coordinator to remind the teachers not to use the packed cabinets and/or cubbies.

Thanks to everyone for all the work that was done to complete EVAAS Rosters! I realize how much time this task takes and I appreciate all the work that went into completing all the calculations and rosters. - Denise