RMHS High Five Club

Celebrating Excellence in the Class of 2019

Devin Forbes

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About Devin Forbes

Devin Forbes is recognized for consistently exhibiting a positive attitude and genuine respect for the students and teachers he interacts with on a daily basis.

Devin’s respectful approach contributes immeasurably to the classes he is in, and undoubtedly contributes to the great success he has had in our classes. He cites Honors History 11 with Mr. Fiore and AP Statistics with Ms. Theissen as his favorite classes over the last four years. And, his teachers think highly of him. Ms. Theiessen says, “Devin is probably one of the nicest kids in the building. Mention his name to any adult in the building and they will rave about him.” Ms. Lombardo, Devin’s English teacher adds, “Devin is impressively compassionate and mature.” Last year, Devin was inducted into the RMHS chapter of the National Honor Society—a fitting honor for such a strong leader and scholar.

Not surprisingly, Devin has involved himself deeply in the student life of RMHS. From the moment he transferred in to RMHS at the start of his sophomore year, he has immersed himself in the school. He is a two-year class officer, a Rocket Ambassador, and a two-year member of our hockey and baseball programs. He is proud of community work he has done, such as tutoring a middle school student and volunteering to shovel in the winter for a member of the community who is unable to do so for herself.

Devin will take his success in the classrooms of RMHS to the classrooms at Providence College, where he plans to study Marketing and Finance starting next September.

Congratulations, Devin!