The life in Paraguay

By: Breanna Mayes

Information you may NOT have known about Paraguay

Paraguay is in south-central South America, and surrounded by Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina and its capital is Asunciòn, the 4 major cities are Ciudad Del Este, San Lorenzo, Asunciòn, and Capiata. They were once controlled by Spain, but in May of 1811 on the 14 they gained back their independence.

MORE awesome information about Paraguay

Paraguay's flag has a red stripe, then white stripe and then a blue stripe, and in the white stripe they have a Paraguay symbol. The cool thing is their government, they have a Constitutional Republic, their leaders are: president Fernando Lugo and the VP is Frederico Franco. Their currency is PYG, and they have an Economic system and it is Capitalism.

Fun things to do in Paraguay

In Paraguay there are so many cool things to do and see, for example you could visit their amazing flora and fauna, or observe / join their awesome festivals,many or their physical features. Also you could tour their tea plantations, or zip line, and did I mention their impeccable taste in food.
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