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Topic 9 - Division

Students tested today on Topic 9 - Division. Although there was a perfect score of 100%, as well as additional A's and B's, the majority of the class did very poorly. This is very frustrating for me, as I'm sure it is for you, as the students are showing mastery of the skills in class.

Let me share a little of what I'm noticing -

1. Students are not answering the question being asked. If the problem says "write a number sentence", I expect to see a number sentence, not a sum/product/quotient of a number sentence. We discuss this daily, over and over and over - - we have reached the point where they will have to be held accountable for this type of careless error.

2. See #1 / Part 2 - students are grabbing the numbers from a problem, calculating them using the skill we've been practicing, but not reading/processing the actual question being posed. For example, they see the numbers 83 and 6, automatically divide them and write down the answer to that calculation BUT the problem requires some evaluation of the answer / problem solving. Again, I need to assure you that we have practiced and practiced this in class - so I'm stumped.

3. Are they practicing or studying at home? Prior to each topic assessment, students do a "practice" assessment that mirrors the actual test. Example - if #3 on the practice test asks for a number sentence, #3 on the topic assessment will ask for a number sentence. If #11 on the practice tests asks you to estimate the quotient, #11 on the topic assessment will ask you to estimate the quotient. If a student is successful on the practice test, which they are, they should be able to ace the topic assessment. This practice test, which is found in their textbook, is the primary resource to prepare for the topic assessments.

We will spend the next day or so reviewing the test, specifically the directions, and then moving forward with additional division concepts in Topic 10. Topic 9's score is included in the 2nd Quarter grades. Starting tomorrow, everyone is back to a fresh slate!

Fractions & Measurement

Some tough concepts are ahead. Continue to encourage your student, check behind them, ask and expect them to be able to "explain" to you what they are working on. If you are hearing, "I just don't get it", they need to be telling me that! I am at school every morning by 7:00 am and am available to spend extra time with anyone if need be!


From national to local levels, it is agreed that we test too much. That notion aside, I secretly dig the data that we get! Students have MAP tested in the Fall and Winter and this data is stacked against data from the end of their 3rd grade year to determine where they need to be by the end of this year - - - voila - - - I have some interesting data that I would love to share with you. Let me know if you're interested!