Drug Free is the Way to Be!

Michaela, Kailee, and Roxana

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  • Television programs and movies contain appreciable amounts of substance use. The result is that young people receive mixed messages about substance use, and the media contribute significantly to the risk that young people will engage in substance use.

  • More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine combined.

  • Drugs cause your lungs and heart to malfunction or fail.

  • ⅓ of teenagers get their pot from people who have prescriptions for it in states that have medical marijuana laws.

  • 20% of 12th graders have admitted to binge drinking in 2014 and 40% say they have done it in the past month.

Author's Feelings About Drugs

We believe that drugs are wrong and that you should not even try to go down that path. Drugs have so many bad side effects on you that it is not worth it to do any. You get short term memory loss, you can get cancer, and the way your body works will be all messed up. Drugs are very expensive and you get addicted very quickly. Once you start a drug you will probably go on to a different harder drug. Don't do drugs, and remember drug free is the way to be!
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Placement and Timing

We want this to be an article in a teen magazine or in a magazine like People. Where teenagers or young adults can see it when they go through the magazine and take a few minutes to read through it. We want this to be put behind or in front of a big story about a celebrate or an internet sensation getting caught with drugs so that they can see the consequences that drugs have on even famous people. We are hoping that teenagers will get the message and make better decisions that doesn't lead them down the path towards drugs.