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Macintosh 128k

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Personal Computer for Non-Technical People

January 24th

Apple Inc. has just put the latest personal computer (Hardware) on the market called "Macintosh 128k". This invention, which is made by Steve Jobs and his peers, is definitely one of the biggest inventions in the last decade. This computer absolutely will bring about radical changes in our social lives.

This is the first mouse-driven computer featuring an integral graphical user interface. It is sold for $2,500, which is much more affordable than the other computers. Moreover, this is much smaller than the previous ones. It contains bigger memory, plus additional 64 KB ROM chip.

Macintosh 128k Enables Us to Use "MacPaint" and "MacWrite"

MacPaint and MacWrite

Macintosh 128k makes our lives a lot easier with two amazing applications, "MacPaint" and "MacWrite" which are also invented by Apple Inc.

MacPaint is an application which can generate graphics. This graphics can be used by other applications using a mouse. This application allows us to be more creative.

MacPaint is the first application, which demonstrate "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) word processor. So you can work on your document while you are watching the display. When you print the document, what you get is what you see on the display.