Oh The Places You'll Go!

411 --Week of March 5th

Habit 1: Be Proactive

Make and keep commitments. The commitments and promises you make to yourself and others and your integrity to those commitments provide the clearest manifestations of your proactivity.

This Week's Events:

Pennies for Patients Campaign All Week.

Monday: B Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE. Pennies for Patients Assembly grades 3-5 @ 2 p.m. in the cafe. Teachers should complete their PD choice in Frontline.

Tuesday: C Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE. PLC's. Good News Club & Girls on the Run Practice after school. 3rd & 4th Grade Music Concert @ Riverbend 6:00PM.

Wednesday: D Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Early Dismissal @ 1:10PM

Thursday: A Day.Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Staff Meeting 7:30AM in Library. Girls on the Run & Spirit Squad after school.

Friday: B Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE!

Counselor's Corner

Pennies for Patients

Monday - 3rd - 5th grade will have an assembly in the afternoon

Tuesday - Character Coaches will pass out stickers as a reminder.

Wednesday - Hat day for $1.

Thursday - Video about program will be sent out.

Friday - Classes may choose how to celebrate their donations (pj day, fancy day, lunch with teacher, etc.)

March 7th District 1/2 PD Day

Every teacher must sign up in Frontline for your PD for the afternoon on Wednesday.

Option 2 MMD Practice will include the following for Zitzman Elementary:

1:30-2:45 p.m - Lesson in Writing with Barb Savon.......Primary Lab

1:30-2:45 p.m.- Math Coaching Strategies with Nikki Short......Library

Check out the district flier on the following link.


Habit 6: Highly Effective Practice

Value Differences

Valuing differences is the foundation of creating synergy. We are effective when we value and embrace the differences of others rather than rejecting or merely tolerating them. We see others’ differences as strengths not weaknesses.

Big picture


Reject or tolerate differences.

Think About...

  • · Do you know the unique strengths of the people you work and live with?
  • · In which relationships do you merely tolerate differences rather than value them?
  • · Have differences become a source of conflict in any of your relationships?

Try This...

  • · Identify someone you disagree with and make a list of his or her strengths.
  • · When someone disagrees with you, say, “Great! You see things differently. I need to listen to you.”

From the 7 Habits Book

“Insecure people have a high need to clone others, to mold them over into their own thinking. They don’t realize that the very strength of the relationship is in having another point of view. Sameness is uncreative—and boring. The essence of synergy is to value differences—to respect them, to build on strengths, to compensate for weaknesses.”

Did You Know.........

Scott Kovis is available to visit your classroom to teach a lesson on how to use technology in the classroom. He has visited many classrooms in the district to teach students how to create graphs to embed into their writing or projects.

Ask Mr. Kovis about See Saw, Video Book Trailers, to assist with lessons on inferencing or critical thinking. and more. Each teacher that is observed working with Mr. Kovis on a lesson for students will earn a week of jeans pass. The activity or lesson must then be observed by a principal.