Transfer Student Experience's

By: Chayse barkes, Rebecca waller, & Jamesha morgan. (:


  • At least 40 percent of students attend more than one institution on their path
  • previous research suggests transfer students score lower on group attachment than non-transfer students.
  • aims to provide information about new student performance and identify student neds.
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How transfer students feel with new surrounding's.

It's really hard to be in a new place, especially when that new place is a high school. Everybody judging and wondering who you are as you wonder the halls.

welcoming commity

This is for all new students that are new to the district. This commity is to welcome new people an make them feel more comfortable with their new surroundings, other students , and the teachers & classes they will be attending. We choose to do this because we are all new students and its really hard for new kids to try and make new friends and try to fit in to a completly new place. We think that this could help alot of these kids who just dont feel comfortable around their new envrioment make friends an actually feel comfortable.
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What kind of questions would they have?

New students have lots of questions, they don't know where there classes are, what teachers they have, or if the people there are going to be nice. Or even if they're going to fit in or be and outcast. If they're going to be bullied because they don't know about the new place & surroundings.